Non Bake Oreo Cheese Cake


1. 50g Oreo cookies (about 2 rolls of Oreo)
2. Butter – 50 – 60gm (pls use Butter dunt use Marjerin)
3. 250gm cream cheese
4. 3 tbsp gelatin powder
5. Icing Sugar 7tbsp
6.Hot water -half cup


Biscuit Base:
1. Remove the cream from the Oreo cookies. Blend or crush the cookies as fine as possible.
2. Combine with the melted butter. Press firmly onto the base of the cake tin.
3. Chill for at least 2 hours.


Cream Cheese Filling:
1. Add Hot Water and Gelatin in a bowl. Stir with a spoon and once the gelatin melts, set aside to cool to room temperature.
2. Beat cream cheese with icing sugar until well combined.
3. Add in gelatin mixture and mix well.
4. Pour in the white portion into the chilled biscuit base.
5. Put into the fridge to let it set for 2 to 3 hours.
6. Remove from freezer, sprinkle Oreo cookies on top



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